CIC Carbon Assessment Tool



Boundary of the Tool is designed to cover the embodied carbon of materials, transportation and site impacts and is aligned with the principles of ISO 14040:2006 standards.

The Tool is specifically developed to be used on projects in Hong Kong and the emissions factors used in the Tool are not applicable for projects that are not within Hong Kong.


Materials within the Tool cover the core and shell elements of projects e.g. steel, concrete, façade and asphalt. The aim is to account for at least 80% of the overall embodied carbon of construction materials used.

Emission factors do not exist currently for many construction materials in Hong Kong. To ensure the factors are as reflected as possible we took the following approach:

Third Party Verification

Third Party Verification of the Tool has been carried out by SGS Hong Kong Limited.
The verification has been on both the carbon emission factors within the Tool and the Tool itself to ensure the methodology and development of both are transparent and robust.

The project has engaged key Hong Kong Academics to substantiate the methodology and carbon emissions factors included in the Tool.